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Week 2 at KGD

Hello, everyone! This is Peace, and as I mentioned in my first post, I’m working with Keep Growing Detroit (KGD) this summer. KGD’s mission is to promote a food sovereign city of Detroit where all fruits and vegetables consumed by residents are grown by residents. To meet this goal, KGD operates an urban farm and […]

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Week 2!!

My organization is called AtBat and is located in the Southfield region of Detroit. This program offers an opportunity for students to maintain physical and academic strength through the long summer. It is also an opportunity for parents to leave their kids somewhere safe while at work. So far I have been making lessons for

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[WEEK 2] Getting to Know the Community

This summer, I will be working with the Clark Park Coalition, a non-profit organization committed to fostering community engagement and enhancing local development. For decades, Clark Park has dedicated itself to offering a diverse array of high-quality recreational, educational, social, and mentoring programs for families in southwest Detroit. These programs not only support youth development

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Week 2

As I briefly mentioned in my first post my community site is Brilliant Detroit. Their mission is to help develop and support families in areas such as health, education, community, and overall family support. Brilliant Detroit does this by having different sites/houses in numerous neighborhoods across Detroit. These sites host many programs based around the

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Week 2

This summer, I am interning at Hitha Healing House, and I am working primarily on their Nurturing Roots Maternal Program. Hitha Healing House is focused on increasing awareness of health disparities, fostering healing, and using holistic approaches for our mind and body. This program’s mission is to assist new families and postpartum mothers, improve maternal

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Week 2! :)

Hi everyone! This summer I am working with the City of Detroit’s Office of Civil rights, Inclusion, and opportunity department. Under CRIO I am with the data & policy team. One important thing that the CRIO office does is protect Detroit residents from unlawful discrimination. CRIO’s mission is to remove discriminatory barriers and benefit Detroiters.

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Week 1

Hi everyone! My name is Kailah (pronounced Kayla) and I’m working with Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Office of Homelessness and Foster Care (OHFC). My first week has been interesting, as I had a delayed start date due to internal processing issues. Despite this, I was met with welcomed on first day as thought they already

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Week 1 Post

Hello! My name is Shravya, and I’m a rising sophomore studying Public Health Sciences at the University of Michigan. This summer, I’m working with Brilliant Detroit, a non-profit dedicated to creating successful outcomes for children and their families in the Detroit Community. To me, “community” means a group of people united by similar backgrounds and

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Week 2

My site is Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA). As its name suggests, it is located in Southwest Detroit where the majority of the population is of Hispanic origin. On SDBA’s site, their mission is as follows: “We work with investors, entrepreneurs, customers, and neighbors to capitalize on Southwest Detroit’s competitive advantage. We support our community’s

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