June 2013 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

June 2013

Out of the Ordinary

I wrote this on Tuesday at 2pm, shortly after the incident occurred. I wasn’t sure if it was worth posting, but I think the tone I used at the time demonstrates just how bizarre and out of the blue this encounter was. “I was just mistaken for a 6000 year old biblical prophet. Someone just …

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A Reality Check

I’ve had a few “we’re not in Kansas anymore” moments in the past week, things which forced me to come to terms with some harsh realities of the city. The first, and definitely the most dramatic, was when Caroline, Niki, Hau, and I went downtown to watch the fireworks on Monday. All was going well, …

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Look, Ma, I’m Famous!

Ok, not really. But you can sort of see me, right? Yesterday I got to attend a press conference at which representatives from the Detroit Police Department, Michigan Department of Corrections, and the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research spoke about a community initiative program that was piloted in Grandmont-Rosedale a year ago. From about the ages …

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Focus:HOPE week 4

This past week was pretty productive in terms of the work I produced. I can proudly say that Ive learned how to use adobe indesign from scratch (with the help of google and many tutorials). Since I can only use the computer that has such software on tuesdays and thursdays, my wednesday and friday have …

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