July 2019 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

July 2019

Week 9

  The aspect of my letter that stood out to me the most was not how much my perception has changed, but rather how little. To be more specific, how much my perception of Ecoworks has remained relatively constant. My coworkers remained incredibly friendly for the duration of my time there, and every new person […]

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The End of the Road

After reflecting on my first post, I would say that this experience has exceeded my expectations. My opinion truly did matter at my placement because of my unique perspective being a DPSCD graduate. Many times my colleagues would ask my opinion on what should be done which was great for me. I truly felt as

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Week 9

I would say I had pretty realistic expectations of my placement. I have learned much more than I thought I would! I did learn how to sustainably maintain a farm and how to recognize what plants need based on appearance. I also learned how to run a co-op from my experience at Eastern Market. I

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Group Meetings

The Tuesday events we attended really taught me how difficult it is to fix all the issues Detroit’s residents face, but the first step is becoming informed about them. Though it is important to look at a situation from all points of view, learning the history of certain policies, initiatives, and shortcomings in Detroit is

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Week 8

Events/group meeting reflection. Use They group  events we attended were informative, some taught me new information about the city and how certain policies affected different populations, while others presented me with a new perspective on a range of issues i was aware of. Being able to develop additional understanding of these events was one of

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Week 9

Reflecting on my expectations of what I thought I would be working on, my guess that there was maybe too much to do and not enough time was correct. I have touched on a little bit of the things that were mentioned in my post, but also not been able to dive deep into any

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