July 2017 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

July 2017

Week 10

I can’t believe how quiet I was entering into this program. I know Domonique would make jokes about me being social instead to my usual reserved being, but now I see it. I expected myself to be a person who fades into the background, doesn’t make their voice heard, and appeases rather than face conflicts/disagreements …

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Week 9

I’ve already made a post regarding the 12th Street Rebellion, however, it was motivated by my aunt’s anecdotes that she’d tell me as I grew up. Sugrue’s book helped me understand all that built up to the rebellion. If you’re family’s been in Detroit for generations, more than likely, you’ll know what happened. Younger people will hear …

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Week #9

In Sugrue’s housing sections, he argues that as a continuous influx of African-American migrants came to the city seeking industrial and wartime work, they found their ability to locate decent housing blocked. Official and unofficial segregation was the rule, and blacks had to deal with incredibly crowded housing; even if a family was able to …

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Week 9

It is my opinion that is just as important to document people’s opinion on certain phenomena as it is to document that phenomena itself. One great example is the trajectory of the city of Detroit over the last 50 years. To many people, the events transpired started with “riots” that led to “white flight” paving …

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Week 9

In Chapter 8 of The Origins of The Urban Crisis, Sugrue expands on the racial profiling of blacks in Detroit through the media and even classrooms. One portion that struck me the most was when Sugrue wrote of an event in the mid-1940’s, where a teacher named Mary Conk at an all-white school in northeast …

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Week Huit

The group meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays have been very informative, as I know they were intended to be. Of course, in the Tuesday meetings, I learned a lot about different organizations making changes in the city and what the progress of new initiatives has been. However, what I have found most interesting has been …

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week ten

In my original post, I don’t think I really understood what the scope of my project would be. I knew I was leading an anti-idling campaign, but the direction of my project was highly dependent on who I met with and what they could do for the campaign. I ended up doing way more with …

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week nine

In The Origins of the Urban Crisis, I learned a lot about the policies that restricted where people could live. This made me think of the current problem in Delray. To build the new bridge to Canada, many houses in the Delray community must be demolished. The people in these houses are being forced to …

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My first week I wrote optimistically about the program, Detroit, Focus: HOPE, and the people I had already met in the program. I can remember the somewhat-forced optimism when I first wrote it; I always try to look on the bright side but it takes me a while to become acquainted with any new space. …

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