July 2015 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

July 2015

A Wealth Of Info

During the Tuesday seminars and Thursday meetings I gathered a tremendous amount of information that would benefit me in many ways. Many issues that I wasn’t really well versed in was clarified and now I feel confident enough to hold a conversation with someone about my opinion. It actually helped that I met some of […]

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Week Eight

The right to water is the right to life. Yet, according to the Detroit Water Brigade, 40% of Detroit’s population is having their water shut off. Not only do these people not have water to drink, but they are unable to wash their clothes, their dishes, themselves. Children in these homes are forced to go to school

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Seminar Reflection

Working in the Mayor’s office, I commonly hear only one side of the story when it comes to the policy decisions supported by the Mayor. To compliment the information I receive from employees around the Mayor’s office, I often find myself reading articles regarding Mayor Duggan’s latest decisions or initiatives so that I can see

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WEEK 8: Seminars

Over the course of the program, I have very much enjoyed the seminars. They have really caught my interest because of the relevancy to not only my placement, but my career interest as well. I have learned so much over the course of the program. Being from Detroit, I always knew the issues, but not

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Week 8: Seminars

The seminar that I found most interesting was the one about DSWD’s water shut-offs. I say this because it was so contradictory from what the media has portrayed. The general consensus of the articles I have read is that Detroit residents refuse to pay their water bills. These articles implied that residents were reckless and

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I have really enjoyed our Tuesday seminars, and I think they have been a critical part of the program. They bring up current issues in Detroit, and it is great to hear about them from people who are so closely working to come up with solutions. We all get a lot of exposure to issues

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Week 8: The Seminars

I have, overall, been very fond of my experiences in the Tuesday seminars. There was always a constant revaluation of my personal perceptions, experiences, and approaches. None of the ways that I thought about Detroit were left unaltered.  I especially liked how the seminars gave a platform to community voices that you don’t hear often.

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