August 2013 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

August 2013


I cannot believe it but this is my final post for the program. I had a late start and an even later than expected finish but the important thing is that I have reached the end. This summer has allowed me to grow in patience, has taught me research skills I never thought I’d use, […]

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9. Back Tracking

You know how you have those moments in your life that are those pivotal moments, those moments that could change the course of your your life forever? Better yet those moments that make or break you and define you for the rest of your life? Well.. This is not one of those moments BUT, it

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Late Late Post

Today I’m going down to the Eastern Market to go by my work and drop off my keys. I was planning on stopping by the market for some fruits and veggies, and maybe pick up a couple beignets from the food truck. I can’t really believe how fortunate I was to be able to work

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Late post!

The program’s been done for a few days, but my last week was exhausting and rewarding. Finishing up my lit review took forevvvver and in the end it was over 100 pages long, 35 of which were just me writing (the bulk of the remaining pages were parts of my interview transcripts). There was a

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Pretty Stickers

Who doesn’t like smiley face stickers? My supervisor gave Sherrion, an intern, and I the task  of plotting all the medical clinics/centers, churches, schools, cleaners, Fresh Corner Cafe stores, and banks in Detroit. Noam, my supervisor pulled out pretty colorful smiley face stickers. My face lit up like a kid. Sticker colors: 1) Blue –

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Poster Problems

So… it turns out that I am technologically impaired when it comes to using adobe photo… well adobe anything -_- I just plain do not understand it and I honestly do not want to watch a 30 to an hour long video on how to use it. So! I decided to contact a handy dandy

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