August 2018 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

August 2018


I am pretty happy after reading my first blog post. Which is kind of ironic, because I was actually extremely sad when I wrote it. I mentioned it in our Showcase Q&A, but I thought maybe the summer would bring the same sleepless nights and stress of the school year. And I thought maybe my roommate […]

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Week 9

Having read my week one letter over again, I think this summer has been exactly what I needed and more. I was concerned about gaining more confidence when working with new people and being able to apply my skills to this new project for Soulardarity. I think I was concerned about my skillset matching up,

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The End…

I have learned so much throughout my internship at the Chandler Park Conservancy. My initial expectations for myself were to make a good lasting impression on my supervisor and to provide the children in the camp with leadership skills and encouragement throughout the course of the camp. I brought up the fact that many of

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9: Reflect

I don’t believe in wasting time. I know that sounds bold. Perhaps it’s not entirely true. I believe that sitting around all day watching Netflix and scrolling through Facebook could certainly be considered a waste of time. I believe that would be a waste of my own time. But what I mean by the statement

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