June 2022 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

June 2022

Week 4

Although I’ve worked in an office setting before, this is the first time I’ve had a full-time desk job. Coming in, I was nervous that it would live up to the stereotypes of a 9-5 government desk job: dull, monotonous, and scripted. Thankfully, the job has been vastly different. Even though I’ve only met a […]

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Week 4!!

Hi everyone! I want to talk about my nonprofit because just this Sunday we had one of our biggest events at Chandler Park. It was stressful planning and we all worked together as a team to pull it all off. I am so happy with the outcome and how it all came together. Everything went

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Week 3

Chandler Park has been a great resource for the community especially during the pandemic. When COVID hit many people were able to walk around the park to see other people and enjoy nature. The pandemic was terrible in terms of preventing events and programming from happening, but the park itself was good for people to

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