June 2015 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

June 2015

Week 5: SCOTUS and the ACA

https://aihfsdirector.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/supreme-court-upholds-subsidies-in-king-v-burwell/ I’ve decided to post an article that originated within my organization. Although this article reflects on a national judicial decision to uphold tax subsidies though the federal marketplace, this decision has a huge impact on the people of Michigan, the citizens of Detroit, and our clients at AIHFS. In the article, Ashley Tuomi explains, […]

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Culture in the D

Growing up in a predominately black community and school system was an experience that contributed to the person I am today. Being able to see the struggles most people of African American distinct had to experience was one of the most rewarding aspects of Detroit because I was able to strive for a better lifestyle

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Week Four: Tire Sweep

Culture left alone hardly ever sees significant change, many of the essential traits that are encompassed within the environment are often passed along from one generation to the next at routine family diners and weekend getaways. In most cases little to nothing will change within a system unless its members choose to interacts with others

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Week 4: Workplace Culture

It’s difficult to try to divine a culture from the handful of people I have meet. So, I suppose one aspect of the DPS’ Central Office is that they’re independent. Following that, they’re hardworking, resourceful, and passionate, which is great considering that they’re the last line of defense against  dying school system. It does, however,

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Week Four

Instead of our usual seminar, last Tuesday we attended a lecture and panel hosted by 8 80 Cities. The speaker, 8 80 Cities’s founder Gil Penalosa, sermonized about creating a Detroit that is accessible for all. He exalted the benefits of protected bike lanes, vibrant public spaces, and a strong sense of community. Mr. Penalosa

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Week 4

Its hard to believe that I’m almost half way through the program, it seems that time days fly by at an uncontrollable pace! My time at Metro Matters has been really enjoyable. A large part of that experience has been the office culture and the really interesting discussions had; sometimes only tangentially related to our

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It’s the end of week 4, and I’ve had quite a few conversations surrounding the topic of culture in my work place thus far. Whether it was age, sex, gender, or race, we’ve talked about it. Everyone that works at my placement, Metro Matters, is fairly young. It’s great for the interns because they can

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