DCBRP 2015 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

DCBRP 2015

Final Blog… Moments

“You are more than one experience or moment in time” In my very first blog post, I was hopeful that I would start exercising and eating healthier on a regular basis. Well, that really did not happen, admittedly, I did not pursue this goal as seriously as I thought I would in the beginning of […]

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Final Week

Sadly, my final week in Detroit was last week. I have left Detroit for a position in Lansing, but I miss Detroit everyday. My experience this summer has been unreal. I’ve learned so much about the city through talking to others in my cohort and through working at Focus: HOPE. In my first post, I

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Week 10 Farewell

The program is coming to a close and I could not have had a better time living in Detroit this summer. We got to experience so many aspects of the city, experience the lives of the people that live here and for a short time get to see all the city had to offer. While

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Final Goodbyes

When I read my first blog post, I was like wooooooooooow, so much passion and pure heart. I would say that the goal that I definitely achieved was understanding my role more as a Detroiter. I really appreciated this trip for that. I learned more history, I started to use resources that I knew existed,

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Week 10 Reflections

I’m very confused about the fact that 10 weeks in Detroit have already passed. I’ve tried to write the first paragraph of this reflection letter several times, and I’ve been having a lot of trouble with it. Living and working in Detroit has been an overwhelming positive and worthwhile experience, and I can say that

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Free Form

I would’ve written this last week, but due to an unfortunate series of events I ended up taking the whole week off. I thought I had a concussion and proceeded as if I did, doing nothing but resting. The spectacular news is that I’m fine; I truly can’t put into words how amazing and wonderful

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Week 10 Reflections

As I read through my first blog post of the summer, I realize that I had fairly accurate expectations for the 10 weeks that lied ahead of me. I think that living in Dearborn and being in relatively close proximity to Detroit, in addition to having studied the history of Detroit in courses prior to the

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