June 2018 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

June 2018

Culture at Parkside

There are many different cultural aspects that can be seen at Parkside. There are people of all ages, which allows for different cultures to come together. People in this community speak to everyone they see, and many will strike up an entire conversation with someone they just met. This really exemplifies the inclusive culture at […]

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Sierra Club– Changing a Culture of Hopelessness

This week, while still making strides to collect current, intelligent data about environmental neurotoxins and criminality, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a strong correlation and still being stuck feeling hopeless for the cause. For many people in the affected areas, particularly in 48217, it’s already evident that air/ water pollution and hazardous

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Week Four

How is it already the end of week four???! The theme of this weeks blog post is reflecting on culture. When I first started thinking about this I thought that it would be an easy thing to write about because Detroit is so full of vibrant and diverse cultures. Then I became a little overwhelmed

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Week 4: Culture

Regarding culture, I feel very grateful that my organization operates in such an open and relaxed manner. I think because the organization is so small, it helps feed a sense of understanding and trust. I really appreciate getting to work in an environment where work culture/culture, in general, is a topic that we can discuss

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