Group Meetings – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Group Meetings

The Tuesday events we attended really taught me how difficult it is to fix all the issues Detroit’s residents face, but the first step is becoming informed about them. Though it is important to look at a situation from all points of view, learning the history of certain policies, initiatives, and shortcomings in Detroit is one of the most important things. I took a class titled History of Detroit which was really beneficial when moving to the city and working with my placement. Much of what we learned in the class was covered throughout our events, but the tours added supplemental information. Learning the stories of specific people affected by policies was beneficial because it allowed you to become personally attached to them and their story. It also allows you to see how these policies have affected the state of Detroit today. I think a lot of people today focus on the problem itself, which gets you nowhere. Understanding how a problem has formed and understanding how it has affected residents can help people make informed decisions about how to fix the problem.

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