Week Seven Blog: Valuable Discussions with Community Members – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program
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Week Seven Blog: Valuable Discussions with Community Members

Dear fellows,

First of all I can’t believe it’s week seven of this program. This summer really does seem to be flying by. 

When I think about my experience with this program outside of the Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center, I think about all of the incredible community organizers and leaders that we have had the chance to listen to during our meetings. Every community member who spoke showed their passion for Detroit through their words and work. It is obvious the city is filled with remarkable people. I can imagine that all of the professionals who spoke for us are very busy working to keep their organizations running, so I greatly appreciate that they took the time to speak with us. 

I particularly enjoyed hearing from Ms. Duhl following my learning group’s presentation. Her genuineness and eagerness to educate made our discussion more valuable. I hope that you all found what she had to say enlightening as well. 

Keep working hard and finish strong,


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