General Intelligences Fall Implementation Update – Barger Leadership Institute

General Intelligences Fall Implementation Update

For our summer research, we seeked more information surrounding studies on education during COVID in addition to receiving direct input from students about their learning experiences online. The data we collected was descriptive— we were able derive meaning from the students’ input on various matters like academics, mental health, and how the pandemic has affected those aspects of life. From there we adjusted our own content for General Intelligences’ and took in the feedback to alter our own programs for the better. For example, we received input that zoom calls should be more interactive and so we have taken steps to make our webinars more interactive for students. A highlight from this summer was being able to work with the London Idea team to strengthen our website, marketing skills, and professional development skills. We look forward to collaborating with them more throughout the semester!

Our overarching plans for the fall include the following:

  1. Helping 940 new students/month from Aug-Dec to reach our 15,000 students helped goal.
    1. We have a tracking system for how many students attend each event or participate in each program. We aggregate the numbers at the end of each month and account for “repeat” students.
    2. Deadlines: 30th of each month August, September, October, November, December aggregate numbers and make sure they are > or equal to 940 new students
    3. -12,270/15,000 as of end of September → 82% of the way to our goal! -Person Responsible: Magda
  2. Expand upon reach on Instagram + start Tik Tok Social Media Marketing Campaign
    1. We have had a 30% increase in interactions on instagram. We recognize that tik tok is a great marketing tool for our target demographic of young adults and want to expand in that realm.
    2. Deadlines: Establish a posting plan, strategy and schedule for Tik Tok by September 20th. Post recording + posting assignments will go out October 1st and will be staggered throughout October for the actual posting of the recordings. In November we will evaluate what went well/ didn’t and plan for December changes.
    3. Posting Plan and Strategy and Schedule Complete; Posting Assignments in Progress , -Person Responsible: Navdeep
  3. Recruiting more core-team (e-board) members as some are transitioning to new roles.
    1. 2-3 members.
    2. We plan on recruiting some more e-board members from people that have previously interned with the organization. There has been some interest from several interns to move into this role so we don’t foresee this being challenging -Deadlines: Applications will be due August 29th 2021 and reviewed. Interviews will be held in the first week of september.
    3. Person Responsible: Magda
  4. Website development- 2 months of making the website improvements suggested to us
    1. We have a list of suggestions from London Idea and BLI staff that we plan to incorporate. Namely we need to add the following: workshops/webinar tab, stories
    2. Deadlines: The plan for these pages to be complete is by October 1st 2021
    3. In Progress
    4. -Person(s) Responsible: Navdeep and Aina
  5. Develop toolkit of 10 interactive activities that we can utilize during workshops
    1. (1-2/workshop)
    2. We plan on coming up with 10 interactive activities we can utilize during workshops on zoom.
    3. Deadlines: Toolkit would include the following: name of activity, instructions, duration of activity, and any relevant links to websites if needed.
    4. Person Responsible: Aina
    5. In Progress – Doc is in Fall Implementation Folder for our group Utilizing:
  6. Track 5 KPIs established with London Idea to demonstrate our organization’s progress quantitatively
    1. Number and closeness of connections formed (collected via short survey with options: close ; somewhat close ; not at all close)
    2. Number and quality of presentations and publications from students
    3. “ROI” Number of campus ambassadors, organizational connections and number of new students brought to the service
    4. Skill self-assessment question on each survey (did you achieve XYZ goal or knowledge of XYZ skill)
    5. Subscriber demographics and number of subscribers
    6. Deadlines: These will be aggregated September 30, October 30, November 30 and December 30.
    7. Will Send Survey for First Aggregate of September 30th
    8. Person Responsible: Magda
  7. Campus Ambassador Program
    1. Launch on 20 Campuses in the US and Abroad
    2. Need to recruit 5 more campus reps by August 15th 2021. Promo materials already made but just need to be posted and sent out. Campus rep monthly emails will include all of our upcoming events, highlight 5 recent articles off the site for them to share and links to sign up for programs. Campus reps are expected to post in their school forums and share to clubs at their schools. 
    3. Deadline: Recruit 5 more campus reps by August 15th 2021 ; Make Google Slides presentation w/ Core Team members and Magda and record intro for the Program by second week of September. Plan content of monthly emails for September, October, November, December to be sent to campus reps.
    4. Sent out preliminary information: campus ambassador referral link, will plan on having a social event via zoom
    5. Person Responsible: Navdeep
  8. Establishment of Editorial Board + Introductory Call for Papers for Peer-Reviewed,
    1. Open-Access Research Journal
    2. We plan to establish 1-2 more professors as part of our editorial board. We recognize that many profs won’t check emails during the summer so our plan is to send emails and speak to interested parties in September.
    3. Deadlines: By October 15th 2021 we plan to have the editorial board established and begin the call for papers.
    4. Currently been emailing professors. Plan is for launch on November 1st 
    5. Person(s) Responsible: Magda and AinaAs listed above. We credit our success to being really organized and delegating tasks. We communicate frequently over our groupchat and try to hold each other accountable.
  9. Any of the goals not yet completed are in progress.
    1. It is possible we may have some unforeseen challenges occur i.e. with new programs like the Campus Ambassador Program.
    2. I think the main thing is scheduling around all of our different classes and extracurriculars.
    3. We will be using when2meet to set our meeting times + continuing to take meeting notes.
    4. I think the current resources are sufficient
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