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STF: Period Stigma in Latin Communities

The Social Transformation Fellowship has taught me about the logistics of creating a large-scale social change project, and the cooperation and support it takes from so many others (individuals and organizations). I learned the specifics of budgeting, the significance of learning from relevant stakeholders, and the importance of networking. It was incredible to work with […]

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Seithur Sanitation Initiative: Boot Camp Reflection

Our project, the Seithur Sanitation Initiative, is part of Project RISHI—a national organization aimed at promoting the sustainable development and growth of rural Indian communities. Through this project, we plan on addressing the issue of open defecation, which is associated with increased risk of stigmatization, harm, and illness, by building toilet facilities for individuals disadvantaged

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Veganism & Vegetarianism at Umich

Our project through the BLI Leadership Lab involved spreading awareness and destigmatization regarding alternative diets such as Veganism and Vegetarianism. We found that students around campus were receptive to the idea of reducing meat intake, but were less enthused about cutting meat out entirely. Our initial plans were loftier than was feasible during the short

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