Hau’s Week 4: Living in the REAL world – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Hau’s Week 4: Living in the REAL world

Because I have always lived in a bubble, first from the comforts of my home to the academic bubble of Ann Arbor, I have never experience the dangers of the world until I experience the possible dangers of living in a city like Detroit.  On Monday, I was super excited to see the fireworks in downtown Detroit, but I was not prepared to see people panicked and frantically running across the streets because of a shooting during the fireworks show.  The idea of people shooting during happy times never crossed my mind, and it sounded absolutely ridiculous to me.  I was so naive to believe that no one would want to ruin the fun atmosphere and hurt anyone; I was so protected by all the bubbles I lived in.

As I saw children got separated from their parents and people looking scared, I finally understood that I am living in a dangerous world where someone can hurt people.  I was so confused at first, but then fear kicked into me–my heart was beating fast.  I have finally understood why I need to be careful and be more aware of my surroundings while I live in Detroit.  It is because situations that I read and listened to on the news do actually exist and they can happen anywhere, anytime.  Detroit is a wonderful place, but it is also a dangerous city where anything can happen.  Detroit has open my eyes and popped my bubble.

Even though the adrenaline of the situation scared me, I was still happy that I was able to enjoy some of the beautiful fireworks.  It was a good show, and I wish I could see more of it.


Besides my experiences with living in Detroit, I am definitely enjoying my work at Chiwara.  Through the work I do for Chiwara, I feel closer to nature. I feel proud every time I harvest and every time I noticed that the plants are getting taller and more healthy.  I love looking at them spreading throughout the krater garden at work, and I cannot wait until I harvested more fruits and seeds.  

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