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Week 9

Well, this is it.  Looking back at my first blog post I am pleasantly surprised by how many of my goals I have successfully checked off.  The first of these was to be a self-sufficient adult.  This is something I am very happy about as I worried about my ability to work and then cook […]

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Week 8

I really enjoyed attending the Detroit Historical Museum for the 1967 Exhibit.  This is an event that I have often heard about in a passing way but never fully understood.  Some described it as a “race riot” while others put it in the context of being the cause of Detroit’s decline.  So many ideas about

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Week 6

For this free-write blog post I wanted to briefly share about the community that I have found here with the other members of this program.  Coming in I wasn’t sure how we’d all get along.  I understood that everyone in the program were kind people but I had my doubts that we’d actually form friendships

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Week Five (7/1/19-7/5/19)

-https://www.crainsdetroit.com/government/detroit-undertaking-500-million-effort-replace-aging-water-sewer-systems I was interested to find this article about a recently passed plan by the City of Detroit to spend half a billion dollars upgrading the water and sewage infrastructure.  The article mentions that a mass line replacement on this scale has not occurred in several decades at least.  This article intrigued me for several

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Week 4 (6/24/19/-6/28/19

Learning the subtleties to my workplace culture has been a crucial aspect of becoming more comfortable and productive in my placement.  During the first week things such as when to have lunch and when it was appropriate to socialize were subjects I extensively internally debated before eventually risking a choice.  Contrast that to now and

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Week Three (6/17/19-6/21/19)

Working in Southwest Detroit has been an enriching experience.  Everyday I am able to observe a community very different from anything I’ve ever been around.  With a large Spanish speaking population Southwest Detroit is home to Mexicantown and holds a culture and atmosphere unique to this portion of Detroit.  From the many authentic Mexican restaurants

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I am pretty happy after reading my first blog post. Which is kind of ironic, because I was actually extremely sad when I wrote it. I mentioned it in our Showcase Q&A, but I thought maybe the summer would bring the same sleepless nights and stress of the school year. And I thought maybe my roommate

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