Calling everyone! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Calling everyone!

Calls, calls, and more calls. Since we have our monthly membership meeting on Monday (which is our big monthly meeting) I have been making so many calls. This membership meeting is different than other ones. The weekend after the membership meeting is ROC-MI’s first job fair. In order to attend the job fair members must attend the monthly membership meeting. Which means that I need to call over 200 people TWICE! Once last week and once this week. Then I need to text all of them the day before the event to remind them. Good thing I created an intern google voice account! But since I have been making all of these calls (plus calls to the organizations that are coming to the job fair and leading two orientations on tuesday) I have started to loose my voice. Its actually really funny, everyone keeps calling me sir on the phone and I am clutching to my tea with honey hoping my voice will stay strong.

Otherwise things have been going really well at ROC. Now that my major research task is finished I have become more like a “regular intern” just helping around the office. I have been filing, and sending e-mails, answering the phones, calling people etc. I am still doing interviews but there is less pressure because we are just trying to stock up on worker stories so the new people who will be coming into the office (my supervisor is leaving a week after me)  will have a few months before they need to conduct worker stories. Each week we fax worker stories into city hall to show them who is being affected by their current legislation (or lack thereof) so I am hoping to conduct around 15 interviews next week so my pile of worker stories could last till October.  

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