Week 5 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5


This article is what made me so interested in Detroit. Prior to finding this article, the only things I heard about the city was how bad it was. I imagined it to be completely decayed and ruined, at rock bottom. I would read articles on how crime was so high and how political corruption rotted the city. One day while scrolling through Facebook I came across this article by Huffington Post. Reading the article was eye opening. I wasn’t aware of any of these plans, and some of them are already under way. Detroit has had such a bad rep that so many things are unspoken of. This article lists changes and shows before and after photos. I love this article so much that I used in in my first year writing class final essay.  Our of all 18 plans my favorite is the Globe Building.

The Globe Building is the first remodeling plan listed in the article. For some reason the building looks familiar to me–I probably drove or walked by it once. According to this article, this old abandoned warehouse was once the home of a major shipbuilding company. Now there are plans to recreate the building into the Discovery Center. The Discovery Center will have an archery range, 60-foot climbing wall, water sports rides, and classrooms to teach kids about Michigan’s wetlands and natural resources. That’s amazing. I am so jealous of all the kids who will one day be able to see this. Although this project costs 12.8 million dollars, just imagine the influence it will have on the future of the city. This will definitely attract tourists from all over the state, influencing the surrounding areas to blossom as well. I remember going on a Detroit field trip in 7th grade. We went to the Science and African American museum, the Zoo, and a tigers game. It would have been amazing to stop by the Discovery Center as well. This is definitely my favorite idea and I hope it happens. I think it is worth it and I’m excited for the future of the city.

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