Seminar Reflection – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Seminar Reflection

Fridays can be dreadful sometimes. Waking up early can seem impossible at times, but Friday mornings are always productive mornings too.

Friday seminars are a crucial part of our living and learning experience in the Detroit community based research program. It not only gives everyone in the program a chance to come together as a group, but it also allows for some stimulating conversations to occur. The documentary, “We are not Ghosts” gave a good overview of Detroit as an industrial leader and as a growing grass root community for a postindustrial world. In addition, the speakers have given us all some helpful insights into their work and organization. Hearing from different people and learning from their experiences in the community really have gave me a sense of the level of dedication and passion that goes into their work. 

 In addition, the workshops on humanistic design and theme working have been really helpful. It has given me a system and structure for brainstorming and organizing my ideas. By writing down all of our ideas on sticky notes and laying them out on the wall, I found that it made grouping and synthesizing themes so much easier.

All in all, seminars have played an important role in this learning experience. No learning is ever complete without thoughtful reflection.

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