Week 9: Seminar Reflection – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9: Seminar Reflection

Seminars were much like having a DCBRP “class” every Friday morning. Rather than a time to reflect on and discuss our experiences at our sites, seminars were geared towards teaching us something new and focusing on a different topic each week. Sometimes the speakers gave us a what I considered to be a lecture, just like in a class. I am unsure if this was the goal of the seminars, but this is what I took away from them. It was more of an extra learning experience on top of what we’re experiencing at our sites. Admittedly, sometimes it was very hard to sit through 3.5 hours of mostly talking, especially in the morning. It was very hard to engage it that setting.

I did enjoy when we got to do activities in seminars. A couple that come to mind were the health care iPad game in one of the first seminars, and the activities we engaged in during the seminars about culture. I found the culture based seminars to very useful to me because at my site, I am dealing with a culture so much different than my own. Another seminar I particularly enjoyed was the one where we got to watch the documentary. I really liked hearing from different community members in Detroit and getting to see what good things are going on.

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