Culture in the D – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Culture in the D

Growing up in a predominately black community and school system was an experience that contributed to the person I am today. Being able to see the struggles most people of African American distinct had to experience was one of the most rewarding aspects of Detroit because I was able to strive for a better lifestyle and community for myself and other. I also saw the potential in the community as time passed. Working with the youth at Detroit Food Academy has opened my eyes to similar ideas I learned when I was younger. The youth culture today is extremely energetic, students are eager to learn about entrepreneurship, business, chef skills, and even communication. Being around their age, most kids were not ready  to commit to outside learning, but these students want to learn. They ask questions about culture, leadership, and even businesses they see around them. Being about to communicate with the students was a fun adapting experience because they are open-minded to new possibilities. I believe the kids in our environment are optimistic for valuable opportunities.

Detroit cityscape

BUT, it is hard to adapt to an environment I have learned from. Detroit will always be that place where that I call home ,but the atmosphere of the city is often unwelcoming. The African American culture continues to debate against one another instead of coming together as we. Business are then doing the same. We try to settler our ideas, beliefs, and opinions because of fear of not being original or unique ,but are not we all same in some degree. Don’t we all hope for better days/nights, extra day in the day to complete our tasks, adventures to tell our future children, and connections that will last a lifetime? So why can’t we all work together as one. Help one another with our overload of resources, advice and courage.

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