Week 6: Detroit or Ann Arbor? – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 6: Detroit or Ann Arbor?

At this point in time, I am really finding it hard to distinguish between my home and my home. I do not mean it in a literally sense, but more so in a figurative way. Detroit has not seen me grow up, but it has also seen me go through the easiest and hardest moment of my life. All the while it has successfully taken me to the point in my life where I am today. Living ind Detroit has opened me to many different experiences that I would have otherwise never experienced before in my life if I would have lived somewhere else. Where else in the immediate metro area can you say, you have had the pleasure of walking from one corner to the next in search of the best taco stand in town, or even being able to stay in your own back yard and still get to experience what it is like to immerse yourself in many distinct cultures. Overall Detroit has been a blessing in disguise amidst all of the ridicule it receives from outside media or even our own inner struggles that cannot simply be forgotten.

That, is everything Detroit did for me, it may have done even more for me and I may never realize it but out of nowhere from one day to the next, it seems as though my hometown has suddenly shifted 43 miles west  in the town they call Ann Arbor. Only just having acclimated myself to the city for my first year anniversary, I can already say that I love Ann Arbor. The change of pace and scenery is wonderful and unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Not only do i have the small city vibe that reminds me of Detroit, but I also have the new and adventurous college town  that sparks complete curiosity. The city is just wide open for exploration and adventure with friends. Something about is simply amazing.

As you may see this is quite the moral dilemma, on one side I have the city  the saw me grow and the other I have the city that will see me grow. I have to choose one to label as my home, but in reality I have no idea which I would choose, that is quite the hardest choice ever. To some the answer may be clear daylight and to others you may just be reading this to write a comment at the end saying “great blog”. Either way in the long run, it would be hard to choose, instead of just deciding which one is my home. Why not say they are both my hoMe. No matter what, whether I am away from Detroit during the school year or away from Ann Arbor for internships, hoMe is where the mitten is.

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