WEEK 8: Seminars – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

WEEK 8: Seminars

Over the course of the program, I have very much enjoyed the seminars. They have really caught my interest because of the relevancy to not only my placement, but my career interest as well. I have learned so much over the course of the program. Being from Detroit, I always knew the issues, but not the history behind how they came about. Seminars have done a wonderful job of informing me more on the history of Detroit.

One week I personally enjoyed the seminar that dealt with the Delray community. Over the course of the program I’d became aware of Matty Moroun’s actions and Southwest Detroit, but I was not totally educated with the situation. The speaker’s dissertation was very interesting and it gave me a clear understanding of the issues. Another seminar that I also enjoyed was with the Food and Water Watch organization. Once again, the water crisis was another issue that I was not fully educated on. However, the organization did a wonderful job in presenting the history as well as current update of the issue at hand.

My eyes were opened wide after these seminars. Being citizen of Detroit, I am aware of how the city operates. They put priority on certain areas and stakeholders, but put the residents of the city at the bottom of the totem pole. We are always last place and cannot compete with prioritized regions such as Midtown and Downtown. I want to make a difference in the city by improving the quality of life of all residents and empowering them to bring about change. However, I must know the city’s past in order to create a better future, and seminars have been a great start in my efforts to do so.

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