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Charter School

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This article really made me think critically about my own education. I went to a charter school and it was not the best, but I had the best experience in the school.

My own educational path has led me to a point in my life to where I now understand that I wish to open an educational institution so that I can ensure that some students have a better education than I had for myself.

I have always believed that everyone possesses the responsibility to acknowledge issues that are present within their community, and to not only acknowledge them but to create solutions for those issues. I understand that helping my community does not confine my contributions to just myself but, they can create a gateway to success for the betterment of my peers, neighborhood, and society as a whole. Everyone has a duty to serve in the community that they are a part of; it is my goal to assist, develop, and advise a progressive educational institution that is dedicated to impacting the lives of urban youth. This article made me refocus efforts towards my future plans.

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