Week 8: Group Meetings and Seminars – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Group Meetings and Seminars

The group meetings have all shown me parts of Detroit that I would not have otherwise seen, or resulted in conversations that our groups would not have necessarily had. Though I think that some of the group meetings could have one some more dialogue based activities, because everyone probably got different interpretations of what we did or saw and I just think it would be interesting to include a discussion aspect. With each meeting though I felt that we got closer as a group, I think what prompted that to happen was the group discussion we had about race dynamics in Detroit and in our group. I think that brought everyone closer together, and from there with each successive meeting we have only gotten closer as a group. With each group meeting I have learned more about Detroit and all of the interesting things going on in the city, and I have learned more about the people in DCBRP. That has been wonderful.

The seminars served to highlight a certain organization and issue in Detroit. Some of the seminars that really stuck out to me were the ones with Allyson Jones from Brilliant Detroit, Lynna Kaucheck from Food and Water Watch, and Angela Abiodun from Detroit Food Academy. Each of the speakers really highlighted some issues that were completely new to me, I was just very impressed by these seminars. I think that these seminars were the best because they talked about the issues that Detroit is facing in unflinching terms, but also presented the ways they were working to combat them. It was simultaneously sobering and full of hope.


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