Week 5: The Shiny New Detroit – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: The Shiny New Detroit


This article represents one side of Detroit very well. It represents the hopeful Detroit that everyone talks about as on the rise. The side of Detroit that I don’t see much from this article is the Detroit that is getting by on its own and has been for years. The Detroit that doesn’t like the gentrification that is going on throughout the city. There is only one part of this article where this is represented which is when they tell the story of Antonio “Shades” Agee. This native Detroiter avidly states his distaste for the art that he creates becoming a mark of those who don’t even know Detroit as it was before its regeneration. Articles like these just show people what they want to see. They show the small portion of the city that they call the “up and coming Detroit” while the rest of the city is neglected until it is seen as ready to be revamped.

Don’t get me wrong, this article is great for showing people that Detroit is more than just crime-ridden city. But what is most portrayed in this article are the changes to a city formerly known as one of the most booming cities in the United States. This writing shows how the city is growing, but only one part. Detroit is large but people only know places like Corktown and Midtown because of articles like these that only highlight the shiny, new part of Detroit while they leave out the older, historical sections of the city.

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