week five – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

week five


This article is about the large amount of dead seagulls being found on Jefferson. I remember everyone in my office discussing the seagulls when they first began to appear. Everyone assumed the seagulls were dying from exposure to some sort of pollutant, as Southwest Detroit is a heavily polluted area.  I received email threads with people trying to figure out what type of pollution could be causing this. This article claims that the birds are nesting nearby and young ones wander into the road and get hit. While it states it is still under investigation, it was interesting that the community assumed it was from industrial pollution. This is upsetting to me because it shows the lack of trust between the community and local industries. It also shows how bad the pollution is in the area that people assume it could be killing birds. I’m interested to see what the results of the investigation are and learn the real reason this was happening.

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