Positivity – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program



Wow! Detroit has come a very long way. ┬áReading this article gave me a very hopeful and grateful outlook on Detroit. This article was about the 10th year anniversary of Detroit Hustles harder clothing line. It explains what this clothing line represents and how this clothing line has had a major impact on Detroit. It discusses briefly how the clothing line came about. Detroit Hustles Harder is such a positive brand with a deep meaning to its title. Detroiters work so hard for everything that they have and a saying like “Detroit Hustles Harder” Encourages them to work even harder and┬áto take pride in their city. I remember when the clothing line first came out and everyone supported the clothing line, even people from out of town wanted to buy Detroit Hustles Harder clothes. It inspired many other Detroit clothing brands as well! Its also great to see the clothing brand still thriving after 10 years! This brings a positive light to Detroit and its people.

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