Week 9 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9

It is my opinion that is just as important to document people’s opinion on certain phenomena as it is to document that phenomena itself. One great example is the trajectory of the city of Detroit over the last 50 years. To many people, the events transpired started with “riots” that led to “white flight” paving the way for “afro-centrism” in the city, while for others, it started with a “rebellion” that caused “disinvestment” leaving the black residents needing to fend for themselves. Same phenomena, different descriptions, all nuanced. However, this nuance comes from every individual’s losses and gains from what has transpired over the last half century. This, combined with the racial variable that will never cease to be the potent force that it is, will cause some people, to a certain degree, to be resistant to other people’s viewpoints. As we continue to remember and work to prevent divisive forces from dictating how we view events that shaped us, we need to remember that history is written by flawed humans.

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