Week 10 DCBRP Micah Griggs – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 10 DCBRP Micah Griggs

My expectations of the program met reality. Despite me being a native Detroiter, I’ve learned so much about the city and the multitudes of organizations working to better Detroit. I gained valuable research skills and made more certain of my passion for health and social justice. I’ve further learned the importance of putting people first when doing service work in communities. Also, I’ve grown personally as well. I’ve made better choices for my health and stopped taking the access that I have to healthy foods for granted. Along with writing weekly blogs for the program, my roommate, Leah, and I decided to start a healthy foods cooking blog for young Detroiters. Overall, DCBRP has been an enriching and fulfilling experience in which I have grown professionally and personally. I’d highly recommend this program for U-M students.

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