8: Group Events and Meetings – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

8: Group Events and Meetings

I’ve heard a number of complaints (no names) about the frequency of group meetings, and I have to honestly say that I’ve really enjoyed having so many. They’ve served as such a great way to meet the people in this group, and there are so many amazing ones to get to know. But they’ve also allowed me to experience so many places and events that I don’t think I would have known about and some that I probably wouldn’t have chosen on the face. But I’m so glad to have been able to go to all of these events. I often talk about not minding spending money on experiences, as opposed to things. I suppose this extends to not minding spending time, too. I’ve come to believe that nearly every experience lends something to my life, as so I’m willing to say yes to most invitations and most ideas. Obviously there were some events I enjoyed more than others, however, I know I got something out of all of them, even if that just meant more to think critically about; more to ponder. I believe my favorites were the walking tour of downtown, the Juneteenth event, and the talk/Q&A about gentrification at the museum. I think all of these pushed me to re-evaluate my thinking and examine my positions.

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