A Letter to the Letter to Myself (Week 9) – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

A Letter to the Letter to Myself (Week 9)

Dear Timothy (again)

You have finally wrapped up your last week in Detroit, at EcoWorks and with the DCBRP, and now it is time for a moment of reflection on how the summer went. Firstly, in my letter to myself from the first week, I was nervous but excited about everything from living in a big new city and working in my first office job. I must say that the experience was not exactly what I expected it to be in both good and bad ways. Overall, I think my placement and work went really well. Everyone I worked with was super nice and welcoming and made my transition to the office lifestyle, which was something I was nervous about to begin with before the program. While it definitely was a hard transition from what I was normally used to, I think I adjusted in proper time.

As for living in Detroit, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Every part of the city offers a unique and special part of the experience as a whole. I think I struggled through the issues of living in a gentrified area and am better and more educated for it. Simply being conscious of your surroundings is an important part of navigating the delicate issues within the city. I think my biggest take away is all the information I will be able to share with others when the topic of Detroit and Gentrification get brought up. This program has given me valuable insight into the community and the people who make up the city – the people who have been here all along.

I feel I gained value from this program, both professionally and personally; however, I have definitely felt the end-of-program tiredness. I am excited to be home on the west side and go be in nature for a little bit of time, and just rest a little.

Signing off, for the last time(?) ((unless we have a week 10 blog??))


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