Is this the end? |#9 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Is this the end? |#9

It is crazy to think that this is the last week of DCBRP. It feels like just a few short weeks ago that we were all just moving in. Look at us now. Anyways, after reading my letter to myself I realize that I have accomplished much of what I wanted to. Working at the Chandler Park Conservancy has been a rewarding experience. I have made connections with great people (shout out to DYL) and done some amazing work (CPSPY). I’ve learned what it really take to make a non-profit run smoothly. This finding saddens me a bit. Funding depends solely on other people (grants, sponsorships, donations, etc.). Chandler Park is in a low-SES area, therefore its hard to get local businesses to sponsor. Additionally, I’ve spent countless hours at work calling corporation only to be sent to voicemail and almost never receiving a message or call back. Finding funding is extremely hard! Therefore, sometimes events that are for the betterment of the community have to be slightly scaled back. This is heartbreaking especially considering all the good (some/most) of these non-profits do.
In terms of my view of Detroit, I’m not sure if it changed from when I arrived. I’ve loved this city since I was little and that will never change. The gentrification of the Downtown/Midtown area still makes me sad. However, I have come to appreciate a few new additions to the city. Since there have been development in the city, donors have become more generous. I had the pleasure of going to the Wednesday Night Movies in New Center Park. This event is free and includes popcorn, thanks to the generosity of countless donors. This finding makes me feel slightly optimistic about the changes in the city. Hopefully, (even though I know its not likely) these gems within the city become widespread.

Song(s) of the week: Farewell by Rihanna and Is this the end? by New Edition

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