The End… – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

The End…

I have learned so much throughout my internship at the Chandler Park Conservancy. My initial expectations for myself were to make a good lasting impression on my supervisor and to provide the children in the camp with leadership skills and encouragement throughout the course of the camp. I brought up the fact that many of the children in our camp have never played some of these sports before so I hoped that they would enjoy them and find out that there are so many sports for them to discover. I learned that these kids are great and they needed encouragement and support from me. Sometimes certain children would have their days where they did not want to talk to anyone because they felt upset or down (for many reasons) so I knew it was my responsibility to be there for them. I am going to miss the kids and working with them allowed me to have better patience for others and solve conflicts easier. I’m pretty sure my boss enjoyed me as an intern *not bragging*. My supervisor is a great woman and mother and she (as well as the rest of the Chandler Park family) made me feel very welcomed from the beginning.

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