Week 1: Letter – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 1: Letter

Dear Don’aa,

You expect that this program will provide you with the opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with a non-profit organization: Friends Of Parkside where you are able to provide your time and help in any way you can. Your experience in DCBRP will provide more insight about what is happening in your community and help you identify problems and get input from the community. You look forward to attending and participating in the planned events.

You are going to coordinate the 11th Annual Parkside Health & Safety Fair. You are responsible for providing the residents of Parkside with a variety of organizations and agencies that can address current health, food, and safety issues. Your goal is to incorporate suggestions about past fairs to improve this fair. Planning the health fair will allow you to form new relationships with the residents and vendors. You will gain new knowledge about different issues that are important through communication with the residents. You will have more experience in project planning and managing. You will be evaluating the long term impact of your project by following up with vendors and residents about their experience. Overall, you hope that the residents are able to learn valuable information from the organizations that attend the fair and utilize their services in the future.

You live on the east side of Detroit and you have witnessed the reconstruction phase. There is a visible difference in the appearance of the Downtown and Midtown area compared to other areas in Detroit. The people who have lived here for years are being displaced and suffering from gentrification.



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