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Week 9

I was speaking with my supervisor today about my first blog post and we talked about how on point I was about everything that actually took place at my placement. I have developed so many skills this summer. I learned about project management skills at Friends Of Parkside while planning and organizing the health fair. […]

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Week 8

I enjoyed reading How to Kill a City. One thing that stood out to me was a line from the conclusion about the foundation of America having a “gentrification narrative” (Moskowitz 215). This line reminded me of illegal things in the past that are modernized to continue racism and discrimination. This may also slow the

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Week 7

I enjoy being in the kitchen/lounge area after work. I am an introvert, so being in the kitchen encourages me to be a little more social. I enjoy having dinner with my roommates. I like interacting with everyone in the cohort. I also enjoyed going to see the Ford Fireworks. I had not seen the

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Week 6

     The health fair is five days away. I am very excited to see the final product and meet the vendors in person. Planning an event like this is a little stressful because a lot of people are depending on me. I want to meet most of the expectations of the attendees and vendors.

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Week 5 I enjoyed reading the “Eastside Residents Welcome New Community Rainscape Garden in Chandler Park” article. I live and work close to Chandler Park, so it is great to know that the community has a garden that will offer different opportunities to the residents. The garden will protect the neighborhood from flooding, which will help

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Week 4

My workplace environment is a shared office, but there are also open spaces where meetings are held. I share an office with two people, who have different roles. They are very friendly and I enjoy sharing and receiving different ideas from them. I am also able to ask my supervisor questions and get a response

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Week Three

I have been observing that my community organization provides many opportunities for the Villages of Parkside residents. Leading planning committee meetings has shown me that residents are very concerned with making sure everyone’s needs are met during the health fair by making sure we address women’s, men’s, senior’s, and children’s health. I like that residents

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Week 2

I work at Friends of Parkside on the east side of Detroit. The organization is a non-profit with the mission to provide different health, safety, and educational opportunities for residents at the Villages of Parkside. The organization addresses the wants and needs of residents. Friends of Parkside provides different activities and programs for children and

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Week 1: Letter

Dear Don’aa, You expect that this program will provide you with the opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with a non-profit organization: Friends Of Parkside where you are able to provide your time and help in any way you can. Your experience in DCBRP will provide more insight about what is happening in your community

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