Week 1: A Letter to Myself – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 1: A Letter to Myself

Dear Kenneth,

This is the start of a new chapter within the book you are going to write years later. However, this chapter is one that requires you to take a deep look within yourself. You have to question all of what you used to think was acceptable all while deciding if this is a path you would like to venture down in a few years. Working under such ambitious people shall not pressure you but instill motivation into the places that have been deprived of it. When you look at what you have learned in just a week, imagine what you will know and be able to do in time of two months. The bigger responsibility with this newfound knowledge and capability is to find ways to put it to use. Do not fall victim to all that you have once thought was acceptable and now be open to the new perspectives you will encounter and the new people you will meet.

At the end of this chapter, you will look back and thank the writer of the chapter, yourself, so much for having the audacity to write this part of the book. Remember you are only as strong as the people you have surrounded yourself with, now go out and surround yourself with better and more sound people than yourself. But always remember those who have lifted you while they have climbed so that you will do the same for those after you.

Kenneth Washpon

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