week 4- The Students Who Are Where I Once Was – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

week 4- The Students Who Are Where I Once Was

For the summer program orientation there was a group from the University of Michigan Medical school that came to teach about health and wellness. When there was a session about LGBTQ+ none of the students snickered or did anything else that would be disrespectful in any way. I think everyone was surprised that every single student in this summer program came from a place of acceptance, I think it was very hopeful to see that. It may just be this one group because they tend to be well behaved and respectful (from what I know based off the last 2 days). I hope this represents more of a younger generation today. I am not much older and I came from the exact same position that they were in but I was surprised that there was not even a single person who said something disrespectful. I did hear from one of the med students giving the presentation say that other schools, like a workshop they did in Chicago, are not the same. Either way I think this particular group that I will be working with will be great. This is just one example of the overall attitude of this group, whoever did the hiring process did a good job.


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  1. Adam Philip Gilmour

    Wow that is amazing. When I was in the lower grades making jokes at the expense of other sexual orientations was common place. While certainly there is a long way to go I can’t help but feel hopeful considering how much the attitudes of young persons has changed in just the few years I have been on this planet.

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