Week 8 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8

Discuss an experience in the program that has stood out to you that didn’t occur at your placement.


My placement has a constant environment in which I come in and sit down and work every day. When we have our weekly Tuesday and Thursday meetings, I find that I get to learn more about someone that I did not think I would speak to. Going to the Concert of Color Event was an experience where I was able to learn more about my roommate, Zach. Although we have had conversations spanning a multitude of topics, at the Concert of Color Event I was able to express my take on certain issues and here Zach’s varying perspectives on the issue. In my work environment, I barely get the opportunity to pick my supervisors’ brains. Although the culture at my job is not as hierarchical at most other work sites, I don’t know how to successfully introduce the topics without making the exchange uncomfortable. So, I appreciate having colleagues that make it easy to have those conversations on a daily basis.


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