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Chandler Park Conservancy!

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Over the summer, I have the pleasure of working with Chandler Park Conservancy (CPC)! Chandler Park Conservancy is a non-profit organization located on Detroit’s Eastside. My community partners’ mission is to provide environmental stewardship, recreational activities, and conservation opportunities (if you couldn’t tell from their name:)) for the community. Along with the work they provide for the community they also focus on the youth by facilitating and developing programming opportunities such as free sports programs, environmental stewardship classes, and day camps. CPC’s overall mission is to provide healthy opportunities to the city for free and educate its members about the importance of conservation. 

My project in particular consists of multiple tasks to support the park and to provide a healthy environment. Specifically, during my first week, I have worked on creating surveys for members of the community about their perception of Chandler Park and a survey for students to assess their knowledge about the environment. I have also researched grants, protocols, sanitation equipment, donations, and other needs. The park is trying to adjust quickly due to outdoor activities being able to open back up due to the social distancing lifts. Overall, my role is to help the park with this adjustment in any way I can. 

My first week was honestly a little overwhelming, although I enjoyed every second of working with my community partners the week was really hectic. However, taking time over the weekend to reset and get ahead of my work has helped the process and has made week two much smoother. I also appreciated the opportunity to work with my DCERP fellows.  It was nice to connect with them and relate to similar topics we had experienced over the past week. Being able to talk about social justice issues with fellow participants and being in a group with students who share interest is comforting to know that there are people advocating for change.  I hope our cohort becomes closer and grows together through our academic journey!  

I’m excited to see where my community placement and work with my fellows take me next!  I am positive work will be accomplished through the weeks and the bond of working towards equity will be achieved. 🙂 

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  1. Hey Grace! From a fellow environmental organization intern here, it was interesting to read the kind of projects that you were doing with Chandler Park Conservancy! I think it’s interesting to see how our action plans have changed since the COVID situation, especially in light of how to better adapt to the situation. I also really resonated with CPC’s mission for not only focusing on environmental stewardship but also on youth development through the different programs they provide. For me, I have always found the youth dear to my heart and the true changemakers for the next generation. The first week is always overwhelming and uncertain, but I’m glad to hear how you have connected with the rest of us to help you during these stressful times! I hope us and the rest of the cohort can become closer through these unusual virtual times! 🙂

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