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EcoWorks Adapting to Change

Working at EcoWorks has been very insightful in many ways. Recently, I have gained how immersed and interdependent non-profit organizations are in Detroit. Their interdependence with the community they serve and collaborative initiatives with communities such as Yorkshire, HOPE Village, and South West Detroit has provided me more context and knowledge of how community decisions come to be.
EcoWorks works with four unique Eco-D districts: West Village, Yorkshire, HOPE Village, and South West Detroit. For one of my main tasks, I need to accumulate a community portfolio for both Yorkshire and South West Detroit. The portfolio will soon be posted in the Eco-D specific website. The portfolio would include information about the neighborhood’s history, park/gardens, fresh fruits and vegetables, future development, sustainable homes, bike infrastructure, flower field, and upcoming events. I have learned how each community has also been working at their best pace. I am excited to discover more information about how the community has come to be and what it’s present and future hold. Additionally, since the website has not been updated since 2018, I am excited to learn about the ongoing efforts in each community.
In regards to COVID-19, EcoWorks is still making ongoing efforts to further find out how their residents have been affected and what services they could potentially provide. Right now, we are holding online webinars to continue to inform community members of ways they can save energy. There are technology barriers we anticipate but are doing all possible to still make it known that our services are accessible and ongoing.

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  1. Hi Saida!

    I’ve also noticed that the nonprofit community in Detroit is very interconnected and supportive. In my time at Nortown CDC I’ve observed that whenever my supervisor is attending a zoning hearing, she always tries to reach out to local block clubs and community organizations so as to get their perspective and find out how she can support their needs. She also has a lot of ongoing partnerships with other nonprofits and they often work together on important projects.

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