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Community Culture

There are different culture cues depending on what I’m doing and who I’m talking to. For example, when I am contacting some of the residents, I am more informal with messages. This is to ensure that we are still building a communal relationship and not a client based on. However, when I am talking to my employer or someone who is at a higher ranking than me, I will be more formal with my verbiage to establish respect.

3 thoughts on “Community Culture”

  1. Hi Sharonda!

    I think that it’s great to have both of those types of cultural cues when talking to different groups in the organization. What types of communication have you been having with the Friends of Parkside residents?

  2. Hey!

    I can relate. It’s important to have different types of cultural cues when talking to different groups not only for professionalism but to make you and others more comfortable. Especially when you stated wanting to have a “communal relationship rather than a client-based one” shows the importance of different kinds of relationships.

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