Week Four Blog: The Attitude of the SWDCJC – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Four Blog: The Attitude of the SWDCJC

Dear fellows,

This week, I had many chances to work closely with my supervisor as we scrambled to submit a grant in time. These circumstances really shed light on the culture that my supervisor values and practices at the SWDCJC. She was incredibly encouraging and hard-working even when we ran into startling challenges. My supervisor remained calmed, never blamed anyone, and worked to find a solution. I really appreciated her work ethic and general forwardness when working together. An attitude like this encourages me to work harder on our project and reach out when I need help.

In addition to my supervisor’s welcoming and motivating approach, the other staff members have also been respectful. Within our group of six staff members, I am by far the youngest of any member and also the only white member. Although I might stick out a bit in their group, they do not ignore my identity but rather accept it as it is and treat me with respect regardless. I know from experience that there can be difficulties when working with others who may seem like strangers in many ways, but I hope that I, like my colleagues and supervisor, can be ready to learn about and from others.

As I continue to work with the SWDCJC I hope to understand and appreciate the culture of the neighborhood we serve more so. It is really important to me and the work I do at the SWDCJC that I gain a better understanding of the community members I am working with. Although I haven’t had many chances to interact with the community directly, the stories my colleagues tell me about the community members we work with tell me that Southwest Detroit is a community worth getting to know.

Madison D

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  1. Hey Madison! It’s so inspiring that your supervisor is extremely calm yet determined with her work. That makes me feel that Southwest Detroit is in good hands! And it sounds like you guys get along together well and complement each other’s strengths well- submitting a grant on time is a big deal! And yeah it might be awkward to be the only one of your social group within your committee. I have the same occurrence- I’m black in a majority white org- but like you said, it’s the best way to learn about other people and their experiences, and vice versa. I hope you continue to grow with your supervisor and team throughout the next few weeks!

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