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“Power to the People”

I have loved seeing cities across America painting messages on streets in support of the BLM movement. Not that these painted murals are enough – white people need to continue to actively support Black America. But, I like that these murals serve as a large-scale reminder of the importance of BLM movement. It’s a statement to the community that the community is listening, and responding. One quote I especially like from the article, from the executive of the Flint Art Movement, describes why Flint painted “Black Lives Matter” across Martin Luther King avenue:

“The community always comes together to support everybody. That’s just what Flint does.”

2 thoughts on ““Power to the People””

  1. Hi Sasha!

    I’m a big fan of the message of public murals supporting BLM, but I agree with you that they’re just a small step in a large battle. They don’t actually represent tangible steps toward change, but they do reflect the changing tide of people’s attitudes about police brutality toward BIPOC.

  2. Hi Sasha!
    I also love the huge role art is playing in this political movement. I think they’re a visual manifestation of the hope that has resurged in our communities.

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