Health Inequities and Education – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Health Inequities and Education

As the learning groups presentations came to an end this week, I realized that our time as DCERP fellows is coming to a fast end! It is very bittersweet, as I’m so happy to have experienced all that I have, but also of course upset that my time with FoodLab and Osborn Neighborhood Alliance is coming to an end.

Anyways, though every learning group was extremely rewarding and all fellows did a great job, the one that stood out to me personally was the most recent group. All of the previous learning groups had put so much thought into their presentations, and I could tell that this group had done the same! They were very informative and even though I consider myself to be fairly well-informed on health inequities, the specific focuses on different categories were a great touch and increased my knowledge. The specific group I was in was education, which is not always something that first comes to mind when thinking of the social determinants to health, but that very clearly plays a huge role. I appreciate every single presentation that I have been able to witness and every single one of them has taught me something new!

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