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….Until Fall!

As I read my first blog post, I ca not help but think how fast this summer has come and gone. It seemed like yesterday that I was introduced in my first meeting. I joined my first equity training amongst everything happening in the world and hearing real stories from people as they discussed the protests and what the movement meant for them. On the flipside, I also remember the anxiety that I felt when I knew my internship would be completely virtual. I had only completed my first week and while I enjoyed myself, I did not know how I would feel at the end of the summer. While the virtual option was originally not desired, I was still able to interact with my post and meet great mentors. I was engaged in my research and what the team had to offer. 

I am saddened as I re-read my blog post because it signifies the end of this fellowship. While I am (ecstatically) taking on another 4 weeks at my site, I will miss seeing my DCERP cohort on Tuesdays and Thursday. The only thing I can hope to say is, this is only good bye for the summer and I hope we can all meet up in fall! 

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  1. Hey Madgean,

    I completely relate! During the first week, I was anxious about working on my site. I was not use to working online and I was curious how everything would look through the summer. But I’m glad you were able to adapt and have the opportunity to work with your site for 4 more weeks! I hope you enjoy yourself and keep up the amazing work:)

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