Week Nine: The Best Has Yet to Come – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

1 thought on “Week Nine: The Best Has Yet to Come”

  1. Rakira,
    I’m so glad your expectations exceeded your reality this summer. I too was in distress at times during the summer thinking I couldn’t live up personal expectations in my head or find a way to move out of my comfort zone with the format but I think it gave me a safety net in a sense because it was like baby sets to live interaction which I appreciated. It’s very bittersweet that this is my last comment and your last blog actually because this summer just flew by in every possible way. Anyway I’m glad DCERP was a good experience for you and I can’t wait to hear more about Friends of Parkside if you continue working for them.
    (Side note: Peace and love reminded me of Ms.Green from high school lol)

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