Yo, It’s Ataia. – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Yo, It’s Ataia.

So, I am a student like all of you and I have a secret to share. Freshman year, after just barely passing MATH 115, I promised that I would never do math again. That promise is now broken. I am working on a FiNaNciAL LiTeRaCy resource booklet for ProsperUS Detroit with the LEGENDARY Crystal King. I’m kidding. They’re not well known or anything. They’re just a really awesome person. Back to me now. I just wanted to acknowledge that this is a learning curve for me this summer.

Community, to me, is a group or people (large or small) going through life together. (Lol, does that work?) Being in college reminds me everyday that I left an amazing community behind. When I heard of DCERP, I just thought that supporting a community that supported me for so long was the least that I could do. With ProsperUS, I get to use skills that I have gained over time and see other people use skills to combat a lot of bad things that are happening in Detroit right now, like gentrification.

This summer, I will be relying heavy on my critical thinking skills, communication skills, and research skills. Y’all, I’m going to be reading so much, I will need prosthetic eyes at the end of it (probably). I think I’ll be really proud just to have done everything. That’s it from me, though.

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