Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision

Along with my DCERP fellows, Serena and Manar, I have the opportunity to intern for  Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV). Being able to work with other DCERP interns who are also passionate about change is very exciting and challenges me to think in ways I had not before. At SDEV, teamwork is very important, so we have to find ways to incorporate all of our skills across various projects (while being remote). Over the past two weeks, I have been put in an environment that encourages me to create new ideas. Although we are interns, it often feels like we are a part of the bigger picture as our contributions are never disregarded or discouraged. 

This non-profit organization aims to improve the environment and strengthen the economy in Southwest Detroit. SDEV seeks to partner with residents, community organizations, local & government agencies, schools, business, and industry to draw awareness to environmental issues. This summer I am working across projects with various areas such as healthy business, Eco-D, and truck-stop diesel emissions. 

In regards to DCERP, my experience has been very positive. During the last few meetings I have felt a sense of community and engagement. I feel like it is a time to settle down from the day and truly reflect on the goals and purposes of our service. The DCERP fellows are all very passionate about the work they do which is inspiring. My group is considering exploring  policing in America. 

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